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You can (and should) train yourself to sleep on your back

Wikimedia Commons Other doctors suggest putting a pillow underneath your forehead to elevate your mouth and nose. This lets you sleep with your face straight down, eliminating that crick in the neck altogether. Only eight percent of people sleep on their backs. If youre naturally one of them, count your lucky sheep. Back sleeping is the best option for pain management, as it allows your body to rest in a neutral position, which is great for reducing aches. It also cuts down on heartburn, as it keeps your head elevated above your chest. For a back sleeper, Harris recommends resting your head on a pillow thats thickor thinenough to keep your skull exactly level with your body. But, she warns, even with a perfect pillow, this position is not great for snorers. Back sleeping can cause sleep apnea or exacerbate existing cases of the disorder. So if youre prone to this problem, or find yourself suddenly suffering from new symptoms while lying on your back, then this isnt the pose for you.

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